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Notre Familie
Duke / Neal Family

Including Davidson, Frisbee, Gann, Harrison and Hutchins families:

DUKE family:
William DUKE married unk
* William DUKE Jr married unk
* Beveley A DUKE married Adelizer E HARRISON in 1859, Biloxi, MS
(b. 1843 Tn, d.1900, AR)
(b.4/5/1841 Cherokee Co,GA, d.1880 Bulloch Co, GA)
*William Jason DUKE married Sarah Novella NEAL in 1895,AR
(b.1/27/1869 AR, d.4/11/1918 AR)
(b. 12/4/1878 Thacker,GA, d.1853 San Bernardino,CA)

HARRISON family:
Joseph HARRISON married Rachel PERRY on 10/23/1778 Prince George, MD
(b. 1752 MD, d.1831 GA) (b.1754 MD, d.1831 Jackson Co, GA)
* Jospehus HARRISON married Sally MOON 3/19/1808 in Jackson Co, GA
(b.1784 MD, d unk)
* JT Harrison married Mary HUTCHINS on 4/13/1828 Cobb Co, GA
(b. 1/8/1809 Cobb Co, GA, d. 7/6/1866 Polk Co, AR)
(b. 10/25/1808 GA, d. 1860 Attala CO, MS)
* Adelizer E HARRISON

NEAL family:
Joseph NAIL married Mary (Unk) in 1750
(b Scotland, d. 5/1784 Franklin Co,SC) (unk)
* Joseph NAIL Jr married Frances SMITH in 1789, GA
(b. 1758 VA or NC, d.1800) (unk)
* Obediah NEAL married Elizbath Vandiver DAVIDSON on 12/20/1819, in Jefferson Co, AL
(b. 1790 Franklin Co,GA) (b.1807, TN)
* Ezekial A NEAL married Elizabeth Adeline FRISBEE in 1865 in GA
(b.186 Gordon Co, GA, d.9/21/1902 Waldron, AR)
* Sarah N NEAL

FRISBEE family:
Joseph Trig FRISBEE Sr married unk
* Joseph Trig FRISBEE Jr married Sara C GANN on 8/2/1838
(b 1817 Dublin, IR, d. 1868)
(b. 1/14/1820 Hamilton Co,TN, d. 12/25/1861)
* Elizabeth Adeline FRISBEE


Prior to 1913, DUKE family farm, area of DeQueen,AR

Family lore:
Reports from all branches say that the Duke, Harrison and Frisbee lines contain indian blood- Cherokee, Creek and/or Chickasaw!